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Pembrey Primary School link with Moyeni Primary School, Lesotho


Lesotho FlagWales 

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Pembrey Primary School has partnered up with Moyeni Primary School in Lesotho.  

Since 2013, pupils of Pembrey have been in contact with our partnering school in Quthing Lesotho, mainly through letter writing and also meeting pupils/teachers on their exchange with Ysgol Glan Y Mor. 

We were fortunate to begin our teacher exchange project this term, as Mrs Jacob and Miss Nelson visited Moyeni Primary in Lesotho, during the February half term, 2015.  The purpose of the visit was to raise our pupils’ awareness of Global Citizenship as well as to support the teaching and learning at Moyeni Primary.

Mè Sabby visits Pembrey Primary June 2019




It was a privilege to welcome Mè Sabby, all the way from Lesotho. We thoroughly enjoyed our week with her, where pupils learnt about life in Lesotho, the similarities and differences between Lesotho and Africa, as well as sharing about their country Wales. Mè Sabby experienced education in Wales and learnt, for example, about how we use pupil voice as an integral part of our teaching and learning. 

Despite the rain on June 7th, over 250 pupils flocked to the National Botanic Garden to show their support for the Sustainable Development Goals as part of the EU-funded Walk the Global Walk project. We took a group of children who enjoyed celebrating and joining in with ‘Walk the Global Walk’ with our Lesotho visitors. 

Sabby16 Sabby15 Sabby14 Sabby13 Sabby12 Sabby11 Sabby10 Sabby9 Sabby8 Sabby17 Sabby7 Sabby6 Sabby5 Sabby4 Sabby3 Sabby2 Sabby1

Reciprocal visit - May 2015

We were privileged to recently welcome Nhate Lesley and Me Dintle for their week here in Wales.  They experienced work-life at Pembrey school and observed our teaching and learning styles.  They enjoyed sharing about life in Lesotho to staff and pupils. We took part in the Mokete held in Cardiff, which celebrated Dolen Cymru's 30th birthday.  


Mokete Cardiff

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Lesotho Guests


A week in Moyeni Primary – by Miss Nelson

Wow what an experience! I had an amazing time and memorable week.  I had a lovely host (a teacher in Moyeni Primary) who made me feel very welcome and comfortable.  It was an early start, with a knock at my door at 5am to give me a bucket of hot water.  School started at 7am and I was living a short walk away from school.  You soon got used to the early start!

The children and teachers of Moyeni Primary were so excited to meet us. They greeted us with song and dance and big smiles.  The pupils were well behaved, helpful and caring.  The teachers, so joyful and full of life! They enjoyed sharing conversations with us, learning about life in Wales and the similarities/differences between our schools.  Mrs Jacob and I soon noticed their love for breaking in to song and dance. We recorded this to show our pupils in Pembrey. 

Whilst in Lesotho we taught the children about Wales and St David’s Day.  We also observed them being taught and soon noticed how much bigger the classes were (with numbers between 80-120).  We helped sort books in their new library.  We watched their celebration day (Mokete) where the high school and primary school children put on a big celebration of song and dance; they dressed up as different tribes. 

The country itself is beautiful, with mountains everywhere (which is why they call Lesotho the Kingdom in the Sky). Temperatures were in the 30s.  Living conditions are basic.  People wash their clothes in a bucket and most wash this way too.  The children all ate papa everyday for lunch (yes, Mrs Jacob and I tasted this!).  They all do chores like sweeping and washing up.  Classes are large, with pupils in a classroom of tables and chairs, with no displays or ICT equipment.

Everyday was special being with the children and forming relationships with the teachers.   They were so happy to have us and 2 will be joining us in Wales in 3 months time, as part of the exchange. 

Being with the children and seeing how grateful they are for what they have really made it a life changing experience.  Knowing how important it was for the teachers too, having us there with them, made it such a worthwhile trip. 

On return, Mrs Jacob and I had the pleasure of presenting our pupils in Pembrey with a video of our week away in Lesotho.  We talked of our experience and answered their questions.  We look forward to welcoming 2 teachers from Moyeni in the Summer Term and developing our Global Citizenship within the school. 

To view a video of our experience in Lesotho, please click on the website below: 


Sharon Flint art workshop

Artist and teacher, Sharon Flint, came to visit Year 4/5 to talk about school life in Lesotho and to do an art workshop called ‘A Swallow’s Journey.’  They learnt about the school day in Moyeni Primary School in Lesotho, the type of clothes they wear, their language and traditional dance.

The pupils were introduced to the ‘Swallow’s journey’ from South Africa to Wales, making creative written and visual work along the way.  The work that the children made was used as part of an international charity project working in collaboration with children from Lesotho; culminating in a public exhibition and a published children’s book.  


sharonlesotho people


A visit from Ntate Lehlohomolo Kometsi

Year 3/4 enjoyed learning about life in Lesotho; looking at similarities and differences in lifestyle, climate, food, landscape and so on.  To conclude this unit of work, we were pleased to welcome Ntate Lehlohomolo Kometsi, a Geography teacher at Moyeni High School in Lesotho. 

nhate visit

The pupils asked Ntate several questions and he responded enthusiastically, giving us an even better insight into life in Lesotho.  He was also keen to know what we had been learning, whilst looking at our photographs.  Several pupils from Year 3/4 wrote letters to students in a primary school in Quthing, Lesotho, (which Ntate kindly delivered).  They didn’t take long to reply!


Pupils from Ysgol Glan Y Mor

Four pupils from Ysgol Glan Y Mor kindly joined Year 3/4 for an afternoon, where they shared about their one week experience in Lesotho. The pupils had prepared a detailed presentation that gave us an insight into the landscape, people and culture of Lesotho.

Year 3/4 thoroughly enjoyed learning about the similarities and differences between school-life in Lesotho and Pembrey. They handled artefacts from the country and posed for the camera, wearing traditional hand-made clothes.

The most poignant aspect of the afternoon however, was listening to the visiting pupils share how the visit really helped them to appreciate their lives back at home, all the things that they have (i.e. warm, safe home, access to water, education and so on). Pupils of Year 3/4 started to question what is really needed to have a happy life.